Since she was young, Sarah has always had a passion for cooking.  After watching Graham Kerr and Julia Child, she would go into the kitchen and pretend that she was cooking on television, all the while dirtying every dish possible.  She learned a lot about food during her studies to become a Registered Dietitian at the University of Wisconsin.  Here she not only became in expert in nutrition, but also participated in multiple culinary arts classes that developed her cooking skills. 

As a Registered Dietitian working with weight management, she has developed her palate for delicious meals that not only satisfy her appetite, but aid in weight loss as well.  She wanted to be able to pass this ability on to her clients who continued to struggle to find health food that tasted good.  Thus, she started teaching cooking classes, leading grocery store tours and providing nutrition education.

Wanting to take healthy cooking a step further, she became a certified and licensed personal chef through American Personal and Private Chef Association, ServSafe Certified and is currently in the process of receiving a Masters in Nutrition Education.     

It is her mission to provide delicious healthy meals that satisfy the palate’s need for good taste and the body’s need for nutrients.  It’s time to LOVE to eat food that LOVES you back.