Personal Chef:
Initial consultation to discuss your food preferences
A menu selection customized to your lifestyle and meal choices
Grocery shopping by the personal chef the day of your chosen cook date
Meal preparation in your home, packaged and labeled with instructions for easy heating and serving

Boutique Catering:
Surprise your loved one with a romantic dinner cooked by me and served in the privacy of your own home
Entertain a small group of friends with a tapas party, wine tasting or themed event.
Host a formal dinner party with multiple courses and plated entrées

Supermarket Tour:
-Learn the ins and outs of shopping, label reading, and healthy foods to stock up on in your kitchen cabinets

Cooking Class:
-Learn from your chef how to make your favorite meal or brush up on the basic cooking skills.  We can even            modify recipes to make them healthier.  Invite a friend!

Pantry Makeover:
Perfect for someone with high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol.  I’ll review your stock of    
        groceries at home and swap unhealthy foods for their healthier versions, plus give you a grocery list for your
        next shopping trip.